Software Updates

Software Updates

May, 2020

Please download version 15.14 below.

Embroidery Tool Shed 15.14 Beta (05/11/2020)


Click here for the latest update information and the history.


What you will find in this update:

Minor Changes


  1. All manuals have been removed from the main install and now will only be downloaded by the software on request. This has brought the main install down over 200 megabytes.
  2. The French translation has been updated as of 05/11/2020
  3. Two undated French manuals have been added. ETS / WAS
  4. A request for the My Today to be used different languages.
    a. When available, if you change the language in the preference it will add the selected language to the ETS URL
         i.   Example: https://theurl?language=French



  1. Can now read TurboCAD version DXF format.
  2. It supports the new AI 2020.
  3. Tools like select, shape, stitch are significant more responsive now.
  4. The lines, in input tools, ruler etc show up in a nice light blue color like in Adobe Illustrator. You can change this color from General Options -> View -> Accent color



  1. Bug Fix:
    a. WAS
         i.   Placement of the applique is placed at the beginning of the design.
         ii.   When saving PES, will place different color for placement and tack down. Not the same color.


Pep and Perfect Stith View

Catalog New Features
We have added a few things that have vastly improved the Cataloging feature.

New Features:

  1. You can now set info either by right clicking on a folder or on a design (in library tab). The menu item name is ‘Set Info’.
    a. Make note: If you select the folder, it will update all files with in the folder. This is a way add keywords and so on to all files at once.
  2. If you load a design that supports notes (c2s, hqv, hqf etc.), add/change the info and click on Apply, it will let you save the changes directly to that embroidery format file. Before, you had to click on Save As or save the file as c2s. Now it saves directly to the file loaded.
  3. Keyword List
    a. These feature will look at all the files with in your catalog and give you a display of what keywords have been used.

Make note: The Keyword List updates it’s self after each search.

  1. The Enter triggers the ‘Find’ button
  2. You can now append keywords

  3. Result count

  4. You can now use the ‘or’ operator in keywords. Example: stars or hearts.