My Quilt Planner


My Quilt Planner
MSRP: $499
The most user-friendly quilting layout program for machine embroiderers and longarmers!

Got quilt tops? Finish them with My Quilt Planner.

Design custom layouts or allover quilting from block to king size.

Build Your Quilt Diagram
Customized Quilt Layout



Allover Quilt Layout



Specialty Features
    • Automatic-quilt-layout includes multiple borders,sashing, and layout options
    • Design custom layouts or allover quilting fromblock to king size
    • View quilt designs on your actual quilt top
    • Show/hide layers
    • Auto export designs for entire layout
    • Save designs in proper orientations for entirequilt diagram
    • Load a backdrop
    • Print full size templates
    • Print hooping diagram
    • Save in the most popular embroidery and longarmformats
    • Includes 99 continuous line designs
    • Autofill blocks and borders with quilting designs
    • Auto fit designs in blocks and borders
    • Auto center designs in blocks and borders
Editing Features
    • Copy, paste, merge
    • Unlimited undo/redo
    • Resize with stitch regeneration
    • Create custom thread charts
    • Auto align
    • Group/ungroup
    • Move to front/back
    • Combine/break apart
View Features
    • 3D realistic view
    • Backdrop
    • Design sequence
    • Virtual design redraw
    • Grid lines & guidelines
    • Ruler – toggle between metric and imperial for quick conversions
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