Stitch Lab

Two days of embroidery immersion in dime’s Stitch Lab, where your stitches make a difference.

What is Stitch Lab?

We’ve designed this class to be unlike any other. This hands-on class gives you the opportunity to use the most current dealer-supplied embroidery machines and tools for two-days. You’ll be learning, creating and having fun alongside your classmates in this completely hands-on event.

Every project you make during the event will be donated to a local charity (or charities) of the dealer’s choice! Your stitches will make a difference!

Plus! Each participant will go home with:

  • Embroidery designs, instructions AND blanks to make the same 6 projects made in class.

Make 6 Projects in this 2-day event:

  1. Embroidered Hedgehog
  2. Embossed Baby Blanket
  3. Stitch Swag Notebook
  4. Piece-in-the-Hoop Zippered Cosmetic Case
  5. Quilt Row – Laundry Loads of Fun
  6. T-shirt Neckline

Develop 15 Techniques by Making the 6 Featured Projects:

  1. Quilt with your embroidery machine
  2. Learn precision piecing in the hoop
  3. In the hoop zipper insertion
  4. Proven methods for embroidering on terrycloth
  5. Sure-fire placement for sets of luxurious towels – matching sets – no mistakes, guaranteed!
  6. Add dimensional accents to everyday items
  7. Make your appliqué designs look more professional
  8. Use embroidery designs to make functional, beautiful items
  9. Edit like a pro!
  10. Hooping techniques for tired hands
  11. Shortcuts for stitching multiple items
  12. How to hoop ready-wear items
  13. Tame tricky fabrics – ultra suede, velvet, vinyl, leather and silk
  14. Hoop once and only once!
  15. Placement, placement, placement – nail it the first time!