Meet the Team

Tina Bartelmay
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Tina began her sewing-crafting-embroidery journey as a young child, watching and then helping her grandmother. She learned to make patterns from existing clothes, to make clothing for herself and family, and finally to master a myriad of home decor projects. Machine embroidery was added to her tool kit in the late 1990’s to enhance her creative options, but also because the marriage between technology and creativity was irresistible for her. Now, pretty much everything that isn’t moving is fair game for some sort of embellishment.

After recently retiring from a career in healthcare, Tina is thrilled to focus her energy and creativity on machine embroidery. She is committed to sharing her experience and lessons learned with the sewing-embroidering-crafting community.

Melissa Booritch
DIME Inspiration Consultant

It all started with a thread.

As a young girl, I fell in love with bobbin lace. Making lace has been an obsession ever since. It helped me discover my passion for machine embroidery, quilting and sewing. There is seldom a day that goes by when there is not a project on one of my machines. I enjoy making everything from free standing lace and in the hoop projects to quilts and bags.

I run a small embroidery business and my background is in accounting.

Sheryl Burnette
DIME Inspiration Consultant

I am Sheryl Burnette, I live in the Pacific Northwest just north of Seattle with my fabulous handsome supportive husband of 30 years and three wonderful sons. I have been in the sewing Industry for 25+ years. I own a small embroidery business, where I run three multi heads and do all the digitizing. I worked for the largest sewing business on the West Coast, where I was able to learn and work with all the different brands of sewing machines and software. My area of expertise is the commercial end, multi-head embroidering is where I primarily focused my attention on. Over the years I have taught many different types of classes pertaining to the sewing industry and digitizing software. With DIME, I am fortunate enough to be expanding my horizons with quilting, especially with the addition of the shortE, now there are no limits to my imagination.

I have always been an artist painting large and small murals all over the country. I have gotten many awards and I have had many articles published about me and my accomplishments. I specialize in Trompe L’Oeil, a technique that is close to realism or otherwise known as “To Fool the Eye”. I have taken that artistic ability and I have been applying it to the embroidery world, now I am “Painting with Thread”.

Terri Day
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Terri’s love of sewing began as a child, sewing clothes for her dolls, and then as she got older, for herself. When her daughter was born, she learned the art of Heirloom Sewing and began making her dresses for church and special occasions. But, as her daughter got older and no longer wanted to wear Heirloom dresses, Terri purchased her first embroidery machine, and has been in love with machine embroidery ever since. She embroiders both for herself and others, including a new granddaughter. Along with making clothing and embroidering, she also loves to quilt and make home decor items.

Terri recently retired from the craziness of city life and now lives on a farm in a small rural community which allows her ample time to do what she loves, creating beautiful things with her embroidery machine. Terri is excited to have the opportunity to share her experience and passion with the sewing and embroidery community.

Cindy Hogan
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Cindy Hogan learned to sew at her grandmother’s side. Around 1996, she became interested in embroidery and bought her first embroidery machine. The next year after upgrading and purchasing software, she began teaching software at her local dealer. It was a perfect complement to her teaching background. She has written instructional manuals on various software programs and teaches at events in the US and internationally. She has appeared in two episodes of It’s Sew Easy and has a Craftsy class as well. She loves to push software to create new techniques and often says, “my embroidery machine is a dream, but software makes it sing.” She feels it isn’t always about a finished product, it is about the learning process. Cindy, her husband and her adorable adopted puppy Princess, currently live in Jackson, TN and in her spare time (lol) she enjoys scuba diving and golfing.

Ashley Jones
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Ashley Jones, an Educator & Inspiration Consultant for DIME, combines a professional career in Information Technology with personal interest in embroidery, sewing and quilting to deliver a broad range of knowledge in a straightforward and simple manner. She gained extensive knowledge of nearly every brand of sewing/embroidery machine and embroidery software while working and teaching for one of the largest sewing machine dealers in the industry. She is a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher and runs her own embroidery business. Now Ashley travels all over the country sharing her tips and tricks for stabilizing, hooping, placement and using embroidery software to overcome everyday challenges with embroidery. She loves to share the abundance of techniques she has fine-tuned over many years.

Lisa Knight
DIME Inspiration Consultant

I am from Silver Spring, Maryland and have lived all over this country and in Europe. I currently live in Las Vegas, NV with my husband of 31 years and my furry baby Banksy. I have 3 kids, 2 sons in-law and 1 granddaughter and a grandson on the way. We have lived in Las Vegas for 27 years. I worked in interior design and architecture as a specifications specialist for 16 years and then worked as a District Sales Manager for Avon Products for 8 years running a 2 million dollar market. All the while I have been enjoying my passion for sewing.

I have been sewing since I was 6 years old. My Mom was very creative and spending time with her meant doing something with my hands–be it sewing, painting or ceramics. Mom made many of my clothes and home decor. She taught me and soon realized that I would need my own machine. I would sew clothes for my dolls and then I progressed to making clothes for myself and others. Over the years I have increased my knowledge in many aspects of sewing. I have sewn clothes for myself and my children, quilts, heirloom sewing, home decor, doll clothes, fabric manipulation etc…

I have been machine embroidering for 11 years. My favorite techniques are clothing embellishment, home dec and I love doing in the hoop projects. I have just started dabbling with quilting in the hoop. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my children and my grandbaby. We love to watch movies, and doing family dinners. I am an avid sewing enthusiast and crafter.

I have several years of training in presentation, coaching training as well a motivational training.

Aine McCarthy, DVM
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Starting in first grade sewing doll clothes by hand, Aine grew up as a garment sewer — learning from her mom and using the sewing machine as soon as she was big enough to reach the pedals. She learned home decor sewing and made curtains, drapes, cushions and bedding for every home she lived in.

She discovered the world of machine embroidery and applique 20 years ago and enjoys the world of creating, editing and digitizing designs. Retiring from veterinary medicine, she teaches sewing classes and works part-time for her favorite sewing center.

Donna Siler
DIME Inspiration Consultant

Donna Siler is an embroidery teacher and runs a small embroidery business out of her home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Donna loves helping other get inspired and teaches machine and software classes and has been known to teach other creative events including fabric dyeing, floor cloth and kids sewing classes.

Proficient on multiple embroidery machines and software, she has been machine embroidering for nearly 15 years. A quilter for over 20 years Donna enjoys blending her quilting skills with the precision of embroidery to create all varieties of quilts, home décor and embellished garments.

A native New Yorker her sewing habit started by watching her mother and grandmother sew and as a child was creating her own patterns for bags and hand embroidery.

Currently using Pfaff, Viking and Baby Lock machines in her sewing room some of her favorite tools are her embroidery software, Snap Hoop Monster and her shortE. Don’t miss Donna’s events, they are fun, funny and educational!

Katherine Artines
Webinar Educator

In 2001 Katherine Artines walked into Millcreek Sewing & Fabric in search of a new sewing machine. She walked out with her first embroidery machine and digitizing software. These life-changing tools had her stepping into a new “happy place,” from which she frequently emerges with distinctive creations that bring both “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” (as in Oh, My!).

Currently, Katherine is the voice of the Inspiration Software webinars for Perfect Embroidery Pro and Word Art in Stitches. She has contributed articles and projects for the last ten years to Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine and has written two books published by DIME, Welcome, Baby!, and Posh Pincushions.

Katherine also co-authored Jackets on the Cutting Edge, a book created in conjunction with her appearance of the PBS television show Sewing with Nancy, and has been a guest lecturer for Baby Lock Love of Sewing events. Her on-line business features her wearable art and is an e-commerce site for her books and patterns, as well as her digital designs and custom accessories. In her pre-embroidery life, she owned a computer training center for 15 years.

Katherine’s home, studio, and support are in Erie, Pennsylvania, with Paul, her husband of 42 years. Her children and grandchildren are the inspiration for many of her creative endeavors.